"Do the Duvet" by Naked Roommate

Leftfield dance punk from Berkeley sounds good during lockdown, but could be just as good when we can go out dancing.

Naked Roommate
Do the Duvet (2020)
Trouble in Mind Records

If the cover photography is any suggestion, this is the perfect album for daily routines at home, dancing in the club, creating art, or simply slipping between the sheets (with or without a loved one).

Conceived by Amber Sermeńo (lead vocals) and Andy Jordan (drum programming, synths, percussion, backing vocals), Naked Roommate is off-kilter dance punk from Berkeley that hits all the right notes. Running a little over a half hour, Do the Duvet never gets boring, exploring sinewy E.S.G. basslines (“We Are the Babies”), chiptunes-style lofi (“Fondu Guru”), and stripped down poetry sung-spoken to bass and horns reminiscent of Kleenex/LiLiPUT (“Credit Union).

Support the artist on Bandcamp or order cassette/vinyl from Trouble in Mind Records. And thank you Sue Problema for the rec!