"Gestures" by Anthony Ferraro

Partly planned, partly improvisational, a half hour of stunning, unpretentious solo piano

Anthony Ferraro

Maybe I’m primed for it because I started learning to play piano in the past year but Anthony Ferraro’s album Gestures is stunningly beautiful from the first moment to the last. It’s meditative and dreamy but, with every song lasting only a couple minutes, it’s never self-indulgent or overly heady. According to the artist, the album is:

Somewhat improvised, somewhat worked out. A patchwork of melancholy moods, recorded mostly in the morning with a little sand in the eye.

Also known as Tony Peppers and Astronauts, etc., Ferraro recently covered “Riddles” by Ed Schrader's Music Beat for No Cover: A Carpark Covers Comp, a compilation by Washington, D.C.’s Carpark Records to celebrate its 21st anniversary. He also just released a new single today: Listen to “Cherry Plum” on Bandcamp.