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All our favorite music from the Bay Area in 2022

The best classical music, jazz, and beyond from the Bay Area in 2022

The best rock from the Bay Area in 2022

The best punk and metal from the Bay Area in 2022

The best dance music from the Bay Area in 2022

The best ambient music and downtempo from the Bay Area in 2022

The beginning of the year-end lists for 2022

The best hip hop and R&B from the Bay Area in 2022

The best experimental music from the Bay Area in 2022

For fans of Nico, New Order, and Essential Logic: New interview and playlist curated by Hannah Lew of Cold Beat ahead of Grace Cathedral show

"A really positive neurological thing" Interview with Hannah Lew of Cold Beat ahead of their upcoming performance at Grace Cathedral

Cumbia as only the Bay does it: Come dance to Mariposas del Alma y Discos Resaca Collective at the Chapel on January 18!

Forget Spotify Wrapped: Support the artists you love by buying music

Celebrating two years of Bay Area music love

Cold Beat at Grace Cathedral: Our next live showcase features the synth punk band accompanied by a choir and organist

Time, time, time—Extracting musicality from the moment through new releases by Colin Dyer, Only Now aka Kush Arora, and DJ FLOW

"Still the greatest place to throw spaghetti against the wall" Interview with Dena Beard, Executive Director of The Lab in San Francisco

Moto Tembo delivers the groove house goods on Lower Grand Radio

"How long will they mourn me?" Tales of the Town shouts the deeply Black history of Oakland

Unleash your inner synth wizard at Gray Area's monthly Synth Sessions

Two for the jungle heads: A liquid LP from DL Bliss and an N Judah-inspired single from Shibumi

"What if I was just experimenting and feeling and making things?" Interview with Briana Marela

ASTU gives us "SYSTEMADDICT," an irresistible midtempo R&B collaboration with Isaiah Mostafa

Bask in the warmth of a Bay Area September with "You Would Do Well" by the Dirty Snacks Ensemble

Dregs One delivers a fresh case of "Sucka Repellent" for fiends of classic Bay Area hip hop

Between the Buchla and silence, Briana Marela crafts an operatic, ambient constellation

"Music is my best friend." Interview with psychic electronic funk artist Salami Rose Joe Louis

P-Lo drops STUNNA, a midsummer masterpiece studded with Bay Area hip hop royalty

San Francisco is so gentrified that simply being an artist is an act of rebellion

Salami Rose Joe Louis, Mejiwahn, and James Wavey (DJ) performing at our first live music showcase at Public Works

Baghead preaches the gospel of self-worth on instrumental hip hop banger "Growth Mindset"

Wading into the liminal spaces of seashores and tide pools with Flung on "Apricot Angel"

Half Moon Bay to Napa: New ambient and techno works by Tomu DJ and Radagast the Brown

Experimental electronic weirdos, show yourselves! Interview with Flung on growing up on music from Zimbabwe and exploring tide pools on her new album "Apricot Angel"

Not a band about nothing, George Crustanza drops hardcore punk masterpiece "Billionaire Blastoff"

Noisescapes, sci-fi acid, dark rhythms, and more from the Bay Area underground

Classical piano or dub techno? The mysterious, mesmerizing world of VAGUETRACKS

Free your spirit, heal your soul with AOMAWA, a reissue of the complete 1970s free jazz of Idris Ackamoor & the Pyramids

A wealth of experimental sounds by Cheryl E. Leonard, Conrad Praetzel, Rent Romus' Actual/Actual, and Zekarias Thompson

Potions, poetry, and funky blues: New music from ASTU, Sally Decker & Briana Marela, and more

"Welcome to Oakland" compilation is an indie pop love letter from local label Dandy Boy Records

Lower Grand Radio is a gem of East Bay music and community—Subscribe to their Patreon to keep the station alive

SF ambient artist Joel St. Julien seeks the true self on "Masking"

West Oakland blues rock star Fantastic Negrito returns with "White Jesus, Black Problems"

One ambient, one country, both folk: Maria BC and Mac Cornish release debut albums today

Dregs One & Ill Sugi, forest lung aka rose cherami, JUANNY DEPP, Kronos Quartet, and more

Monophonics, the Coffis Brothers, Ivonne Van Cleef, Sean Conrad, and a slew of new singles

Inhabit your amphibian brain through gong and bass on "Talking Frog" from Edgetone Records

Dark techno producer Richard Haig to perform live on Lower Grand Radio this Thursday

How many Bay Area artists are playing at your favorite Bay Area music festival?

Mia Pixley channels the ocean sublime on poetically-inspired chamber piece "Passage"

Primavera—our live music showcase with Sue Problema, Louda, and Juanny Depp—is tomorrow!

Atmospheric rock band TREASVRE gets straight to the point on new EP "Stick the Knife In"

Magical indie pop artist Mae Powell to perform live on Lower Grand Radio this Thursday

Much-missed SF shoegazers Young Prisms return with "Drifter", their first album in a decade

Not feeling great about the human race? Blast "Procreate Inverse" by Black Fucking Cancer

Louda y los Bad Hombres, Sue Problema, and Juanny Depp to play our first showcase of 2022

JUANNY DEPP drops DADA, house-driven dembow inspired by post-WWI aesthetics

Are you in "The Loop"? Listen to the newest single from Toro y Moi and more great Bay Area artists

Drift in an experimental sea of sound, stirred by Berkeley producer Halcyon on "The will to nurture"

Indulge in stoic gluttony in the "Corner Booth" with SF hip hop duo Professa Gabel and Brycon

The best new Bay Area music to buy today for Bandcamp Friday

Queer, South Asian electronic artist Beast Nest manifests a psychic ambient sanctuary on "Sicko"

Next Thursday: Listen to Professa Gabel and Brycon perform live on Lower Grand Radio

Slurred jazz piano and contemplative musings from Stanley Ipkuss on "Among Other Things,"

Drone metal trio Harjo explores pandemic anxiety through tone on "Nocturnus: Dreaming"

Listen to a megamix of all the best music from the Bay Area in 2021